Mom Rejects New Stepmom Then Learns A Shocking Truth | Dhar Mann

A parent should always give a step parent a chance at establishing a relationship with their child.
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  • Hey #DharMannFam thanks so much for helping us reach 4 Billion+ views! I'm so grateful for all the love & support! If you want even more inspirational content and access to exclusive giveaways, please follow me on Instagram: Did you know that Laura and I are expecting our first child? We vlog all about it on our couple's FRproject channel! Follow along on our pregnancy journey with us here:

    Dhar MannDhar MannIl y a mois

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      Beast RHBeast RHIl y a 3 jours
    • Dhar Mann your videos are awesome and they always give me message about my life but one thing I would love say that blonde woman who often play the role in your videos she is just very beautiful I love her I started watching your videos to see her. Thanks for the message you gave me

      Aashish AugustinAashish AugustinIl y a 4 jours
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    American AmyAmerican AmyIl y a 30 minutes
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  • Did anybody notice the blonde girl has brown and a blue eye O.o I NEVER NOTICED SO PRETTY OMG

    ZuzannaPlaysThisZuzannaPlaysThisIl y a 2 heures
  • Emma:Nobody will ever replace you Me if I was ever: GURL IM JOKING UH Cindy is much better than you so um head out our door please U.U

    ZuzannaPlaysThisZuzannaPlaysThisIl y a 3 heures
  • What does snickerdoodle taste and a parent and a step parent have to give a chance at establishing a relationship with their child or children

    Santiago GonzalezSantiago GonzalezIl y a 3 heures
  • She got 2 different eyes how

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  • Did anybody else notice that the real mom had 2 coloured eyes? Like omg that is so cool!

    Emerald AnimationsEmerald AnimationsIl y a 4 heures
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  • I luv the actual mom sm she's my fav actor 😭.

    Days with NiniDays with NiniIl y a 5 heures

    Sloop 46Sloop 46Il y a 7 heures
  • a very good lesson.

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  • Awwww I love this but I can’t believe how rude the red hair girl is, also she has 2 different Colored eyes dose anyone see this?!

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  • I actually cried

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  • It is not always like that but I understand

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    SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePantsIl y a 22 heures
  • Why do I feel like the blonde mom was the one who divorced the husband.

  • Having that guy with a thick mustache: *SCARED AND CRINGE LEVEL: 1946382026539202826392019363902916*

    camberrycamberryIl y a jour
  • Dhar, can you please at 2M make every blooper?

    Jasmine OrtizJasmine OrtizIl y a jour
  • Mawn I don’t like Cindy’s role at all she’s just a pushover uk but it’s all apart of acting🤣💁🏾‍♀️

    Bàbÿyÿ ŃêłłãBàbÿyÿ ŃêłłãIl y a jour

    KMKMIl y a jour
  • The kid: mom can i go to the party tonigt Mom,s: no sweti your to young The kid: i hate you mom Mom,s: witch one Mom nuber 1: the Said ut to you Mom number 2: no she said it to you

    Ulugbeka extreamUlugbeka extreamIl y a jour
  • This lady is a terrible mother what the neck did "Cindy" mean I'm telling you she was lieing I mean DUH

    Chloe's VideosChloe's VideosIl y a jour
  • In the end if you joined without context you would think that her mom was gay and she divorced her father and this was her telling her that.

    Petra SchwilkPetra SchwilkIl y a jour
  • Typical woman causing problems:/

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  • And they went to have a threesome

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  • Me: the truth comes out, the real mom is a dumbass

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  • Why doese the mom have to diffrent eyes

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  • The message “ they did it all for you, and it’s the thought that counts really made made my day. Thanks Dhar Mann

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  • Who noticed that the blonde lady has heterochromia😀

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  • My birth mom is fine with me calling my stepmom mom Actually my mom and stepmom have become great friends

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  • the boy is a good actor

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  • Hi Dhar Mann love the videos keep up the good work

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  • I wish I had a nice stepmom. But mine is the devil that Cinderella's stepmom is. I wish I could share with everyone all the horrible things she did to me, but I would end up being a published writer with a book series. And thank God I'm back with my mom. Because my dad had zero defence on me whatsoever and even if I had proof that I was right, he would be on her side. But my stepbrothers are the sweetest and they love me just like I do. It's a pity i wont be seeing them much😥😔😔

    Hi Itz meeHi Itz meeIl y a 2 jours
  • I’m a stepmom. The biological mom in the video would never accept the stepmom. Narcissistic bullies don’t flip on a dime.

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