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  • I'd so MARRY Taylor hes adorable and hilarious I just wanna squish him!! Love the dynamic between you guys just love anything Tati!! Keep up the awesomeness XOXO! IG KimmayKills

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  • “Removal of what?” Taylor whispers *”your skin”* “But what if there is chocolate? Can you double check? Cuz I might wanna have it” 😂 mood.

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  • I was doing homework and I had the video as background sound and there was a moment when you were trying the youtube gift, that I had to rewind and listen again because I thought it was Monica from Friends 😂 Btw that GORGEOUS ring with the bluestone (?) in the index finger where is it from??? Because I think I fell in love with it ❤

    marieta_1Dmarieta_1DIl y a 2 jours
  • So good seeing Taylor again. Love the blue hair. He is soooo funny and witty and he doesn't even try it just seems to come naturally. Tati I love your eyeshadow look beautiful.

    Staci BiasStaci BiasIl y a 2 jours
  • 11:43 what?! 😂

    PanBun17PanBun17Il y a 2 jours
  • I actually bought the Kevyn Aucoin book because of you, Tati!

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  • What eyeshadow are you wearing in this video? I absolutely love the color!!

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  • Sooo nice I would like to win the giveaway please DM me @mai_kassis

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  • Sooo nice I would like to win the giveaway please DM me @mai_kassis

    Mai KASSISMai KASSISIl y a 6 jours
  • Help a broke college student out 🥺 IG: freshaguacate

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  • ❤️❤️❤️ I couldn’t stop looking at your eyes. They are just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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  • i want taylor to be my boyfriend SO BAD

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  • he looks and sounds like Manila Luzon

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